Dating Day Death Note Doujinshi

“Death Note Dating Day” is a fan’s manga of “Death Note” that you shouldn’t miss. It is a story of L and Light, who finally was tied together with a long chain. (The content is in the Death Note” book vol.4-8.)  So, I was wondering if Light want to date with Misa but L also tied together. What should they do? The dating could be chaos. Dating Day : Death Note Doujinshi So, I plotted the story for Mori to draw this manga fan’s book. This is the funny “Death Note.” It can make you laugh.

Dating Day : Death Note- Doujinshi Fanbook, Light and L parody story in comedy style

The story begin  since Misa want to date with Light butL stick to Light, He also make Misa angry. Then, many thing happen, L and Light have a very hard day.

From Illustrator

I am so happy that finally Death Note Dating Day English version has been released!  I am a big fan!! I like Light’s and L’s opposite personality and investigation games that they create against each other! Such clever dudes, don’t you think? And from my liking to their personality, I would like to present another light-hearted funny situations from Light, L and Misa, and this dojinshi is the result of my intention. :)


Drawing Chibi easy step-crazy kiss style

Nowadays, chibi is a certain style of art that is important in manga world. Those small bodies can clearly express a characteristic of manga characters, which can communicate to its readers very well. Therefore, the number of people who are interested in learning drawing chibi is growing every day. However, this style of drawing may require a basic knowledge level and it may be a problem for beginners.


Drawing Chibi Easy Step: Drawing and Painting Chibi for Dummies, Step by Step

Crazy Kiss was the one who discovered the problem from her friends who tried to draw chibi style. So she wrote the mini book for people who have never drawn comic (or manga) before.

drawing chibi


“Drawing chibi easy step” doesn’t mention to any theory. It shows the easy process of drawing chibi in crazy kiss style, step by step. Like it said in the book intro: “You have not to think so much, just follow her step, it’s easy!”



Warning: The book not suit for the one who have a basic knowledge of drawing. It is for dummies who never know how to draw manga.

One difficult thing of manga

Manga is another word we call printed comics and catoons. The same way we call anime instead animation cartoon.

In Japanese, Manga live harmony in their culture. It’s the form of art and famous. Grown up people  (adults) in japan are familiar reading manga  and manga magazines in their normal  life.

May be it’s a strange way in another contries. But we must say that manga is not only for children.  There are many kinds of stories of manga that suitable for all readers.  May be we can call manga is a kinds of novel or book.  It is full of art. Not much alphabet, present by picture, drawing in the way of storyboard, full of imagine.  You can say many beautiful things about manga.  Although, one thing of manga which so difficult is the ordering to read.


In the normal way, we read from left to right.  Japanese manga are sorted from right to left. However, nothing is more difficult than human effort.