Dating Day Death Note Doujinshi

“Death Note Dating Day” is a fan’s manga of “Death Note” that you shouldn’t miss. It is a story of L and Light, who finally was tied together with a long chain. (The content is in the Death Note” book vol.4-8.)  So, I was wondering if Light want to date with Misa but L also tied together. What should they do? The dating could be chaos. Dating Day : Death Note Doujinshi So, I plotted the story for Mori to draw this manga fan’s book. This is the funny “Death Note.” It can make you laugh.

Dating Day : Death Note- Doujinshi Fanbook, Light and L parody story in comedy style

The story begin  since Misa want to date with Light butL stick to Light, He also make Misa angry. Then, many thing happen, L and Light have a very hard day.

From Illustrator

I am so happy that finally Death Note Dating Day English version has been released!  I am a big fan!! I like Light’s and L’s opposite personality and investigation games that they create against each other! Such clever dudes, don’t you think? And from my liking to their personality, I would like to present another light-hearted funny situations from Light, L and Misa, and this dojinshi is the result of my intention. :)