Drawing Chibi easy step-crazy kiss style

Nowadays, chibi is a certain style of art that is important in manga world. Those small bodies can clearly express a characteristic of manga characters, which can communicate to its readers very well. Therefore, the number of people who are interested in learning drawing chibi is growing every day. However, this style of drawing may require a basic knowledge level and it may be a problem for beginners.


Drawing Chibi Easy Step: Drawing and Painting Chibi for Dummies, Step by Step

Crazy Kiss was the one who discovered the problem from her friends who tried to draw chibi style. So she wrote the mini book for people who have never drawn comic (or manga) before.

drawing chibi


“Drawing chibi easy step” doesn’t mention to any theory. It shows the easy process of drawing chibi in crazy kiss style, step by step. Like it said in the book intro: “You have not to think so much, just follow her step, it’s easy!”



Warning: The book not suit for the one who have a basic knowledge of drawing. It is for dummies who never know how to draw manga.