One difficult thing of manga

Manga is another word we call printed comics and catoons. The same way we call anime instead animation cartoon.

In Japanese, Manga live harmony in their culture. It’s the form of art and famous. Grown up people  (adults) in japan are familiar reading manga  and manga magazines in their normal  life.

May be it’s a strange way in another contries. But we must say that manga is not only for children.  There are many kinds of stories of manga that suitable for all readers.  May be we can call manga is a kinds of novel or book.  It is full of art. Not much alphabet, present by picture, drawing in the way of storyboard, full of imagine.  You can say many beautiful things about manga.  Although, one thing of manga which so difficult is the ordering to read.


In the normal way, we read from left to right.  Japanese manga are sorted from right to left. However, nothing is more difficult than human effort.